Welcome to Petite Sole! My name is Lei Boucher. I'm happily married, a mom, singer, and photographer focusing in women's portrait. Since becoming a wife and mom, my belief in women empowerment has become stronger. No matter what shape, color, race, and size, I believe every woman is beautiful in their own unique and special way.

I believe that the most important aspect of a killer wardrobe is to have the right pair of shoes to go along with it. That is why I am bringing you to PetiteSole. Here, I will be showing you how to style any type of shoe, with the right outfit and confidence to go along with it! I want to inspire you to find your own unique style and be your own runway. What better way to rip your runway than in some stylish heels and kicks!
Remember: You don't need to be a model to walk the runway. You are the runway! All you need is confidence and a killer outfit to strut a mile in some stylish shoes!