Introducing Petitesole kids!!!

Hello Lovies!!! I feel like it's been forever since my last blog post. If you've read my last post for 2016, I mentioned about how I love to dress up my kids. I love to match with them all the time! I actually got my husband into it too. He wasn't a big fan of matching outfit until he met and dated me. Winner!!!

Anyways, I have been wanting to be a kids clothes designer since I found out about my first child and that was 5 years ago! You know that feeling of wanting to do something you've never done before. I feel like we all have big and little dreams here and there and then life happens! (insert fall flat face emoji). Most of the time we forget about the little hidden desires of our hearts. I never really made a "New Year's resolution" because obviously, I can't keep them lol! I'm just not that kind of person I guess. But this new year 2017, I would like to take the baby steps in making my little dreams come true. Don't quote me on this though. It's not a new year's resolution. It's more like taking actions and stop procrastinating kind of thing haha! 

That being said, today I introduce petitesolekids! In this section on my blog, I will be featuring my kids and their fashion style (and a little of bit of my hubs and me with them). Well, ok the way I dress them up! This is going to be all about kids fashion. But don't worry moms, I will still be styling for you for fashion inspo and you will still see me on the blog section. Well I hope you will be inspired with my kids fashion style!!! I'm so excited!!! So without further ado, here they are in their on runway! Enjoy!!! 

Meet our son Nathan Joseph! He is 5 years old and he is in kindergarten. Nathan loves going to school, his favorite subject is art class, well next to recess haha! Just kidding!!! He plays soccer in the spring and fall and he's always excited about it. He also loves Karate and wants to be a Karate instructor when he grow up and Ninja on the side that's why he asked us to enroll him to the Ninja Academy. Wherever this Ninja Academy is, I have no idea. Please let me know if you find it hahaha! Nathan loves watching YouTube, he loves Minecraft and his favorite Minecraft YouTuber is Dan TDM, he also loves Hobbykids. Please tell me I'm not the only mom who has a son that loves these stuff! Now don't judge my parenting skills. I didn't go to school for it because there's none. Anyways, Nathan is very outgoing, fun loving, very sweet kid. He's smart, doesn't like to be dirty (yes he sanitize his hands all the time!), he picks up after himself, he loves to cuddle with mommy (yes he's a mama's boy) which is my favorite part of the day. We have this thing we call "cuddle time to 30" (We cuddle and count to 30!) He is a good big brother and mommy's little helper. Is he perfect? Of course not! There are times that he doesn't listen. When he doesn't know what to do, he throw a fit and tantrums. Sometimes he play rough, wrestle with his sister, dad, and randomly hop on my back when I sit down. Nathan taught me a lot of things that no one could have done a better job. I love my little man and there's nothing he would do to change my unconditional love for him.  One more thing I love about Nathan is, I can talk to him heart to heart, I can cry and laugh with him and he will cry and laugh with me. He always lend a hug when mommy is sad. It makes me feel better when he tells me that everything is going to be OK! So that's Nathan in a nutshell. Now on to Sophia...


Meet our daughter Sophia Emily! What can I say? She's a diva! Very opposite of Nathan. You can't bribe her with chocolate for a kiss. She wants her way or no way. Please tell me this is just a phase because of her age, she's only 20 months old... turning 15 years old! Obviously she loves to, action figures (Avengers nonetheless), trucks, and robots. Her favorite part of the house is the Kitchen, and this is why we got her a kitchen set for Christmas, trying to turn her to be more girly-ish, we also got her a tea set so we can have tea party, and a purse. But she keeps going back to Nathan's room and play with her brother's toys. She loves books...her favorite thing to do with books is rip them, tear them apart. She loves to scavenge my purse too. Sophia is very smart, she doesn't talk yet but she understands and learn fast, I think that's how kids are nowadays anyway. She's a daddy's girl, Nana's Sophia, Papa's Princess, and mommy's shopping buddy! 

Oh and I also included a couple of fun, outtake photos, and me! This is US!

And remember: You don't need to be a model to walk the runway. You are the runway! All you need is confidence and a killer outfit to strut a mile in some stylish shoes!


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